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RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig

Special thanks to our sponsors, all the teams and the organisers of RoboCup@Work and to our team advisers for their generous support. Without you, RoboCup@Work would not be what it is today. It was a great week with all of you!! We look forward seeing you next year. Thanks a lot.


Despite all difficulties of the last days we were able to defend the title again.
What an exciting competition. 🙂

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RoboCup day 5
Difficulties with the BTT (Basic Transportation Test) and CBT (Conveyor Belt Test) let the other teams diminish our lead. So they are now dangeriously close behind us. We are about to have a spectacular final tomorrow. Grap your popcorn!

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RoboCup day 4
An especially challenging RoboCup day is over. After the troubles of todays matches the preparations for tomorrow are running. Good luck to all Teams. 🙂
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RoboCup day 3
Today all teams had to compete in the first 3 test runs. It was an exhausting yet exciting day.
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RoboCup day 2

This year 8 international teams compete in the RoboCup@work competition. We are in the hot preparation phase, giving our best to be as well prepared as possible for tomorrow. The tension is rising :).
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Just to give you an impression of the other RoboCup Leagues.

RoboCup day 1
We arrived in Leipzig and setting up our work station.
So excited for the next week 🙂

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Test Competition and Development Workshop in Magdeburg

Watch live video from luhbots on
The preperation for the Test Competition and Development Workshop RoboCup@Work in Magdeburg have been completed. During the preparation our new team members familiarized with the Soft- and Hardware. Besides we  added new features to  the  youBot like ledstripes on the undertray.

This year the  Assembly Challenge was launched. In this Competition the youBot has to mount autonomously a tire to an axis of a modelcar-chassis.

We are looking forward to an interesting and hopefully a succesful event.

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Arrived in Magedeburg we arranged our workspace and configured the network. Our needs are taken care of. We are prepared and looking forward to the competitions.

The workshops will start soon.

ITK Student Award 2016 geht an die LUHbots



Der diesjährige Student Award der ITK-Engineering geht unter anderem an das studentische Team LUHbots der Universität Hannover.  Der Preis beinhaltet ein Treffen der Award-Gewinner mit ITK Mitarbeitern bei einem gemeinsamen exklusiven Fahrtraining unter Anleitung motorsporterfahrener Instruktoren.

Wir bedanken uns für die Auszeichung und freuen uns auf das gemeinsame adrenalinreiche Wochenende im Oktober.

LUHbots auf der langen Nacht des Maschinenbaus

Auch dieses Jahr stellen die LUHbots wieder auf der langen Nacht des Maschinenbaus  am PZH (Produktiontszentrum Hannover, An der Universität 2, 30823 Garbsen) am 4.9.15 ab 18:00. Dieses Mal haben die Besucher die Möglichkeit selbst den youBot mit einem Gamepad zu steuern, Bälle auf Zeit aufzusammeln und so in die Bestenliste kommen zu können.

Für jeden der sich für Roboter interessiert ein Muss. Bis Freitag ab 18 Uhr PZH Stand 8.

Eindrücke des letzten Jahres

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