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Results – Basic Manipulation Test

The basic Manipulation is done, we had a good run but the M20 (small Nut) fell down after we already thought we had it. So we did not recover. The Chinese team KeJia Worker had a perfect run and is now in first place. We need to improve a little to be perfect in the next runs. Our overall stability is increasing…

1) KeJia Worker 530
2) LUHbots 480
3) Robo-Erectus 480
4) b-it-bots 0

The b-it-bots missed the objects only very very slightly, and the Team Robo-Erectus delivered to the wrong Area.

Results – Basic Navigation Test

The first test is over, we had one minor collision. Since we redid the complete navigation this is quite alight. We are now trying to improve this. The b-it-bots showed some pretty fast navigation. The WF Wolves and robOTTO will compete in the evening, resulting in the following points:

1) b-it-bots 575
2) LUHbots 280
3) Kejia Worker 260
4) Robo-Erectus 0
5) WF Wolves -tba-
6) robOTTO -tba-

At 14:00 (08:00 in Germany) we will have the BMT.

China 2015 – Schedule

Today the competition finally start. Two teams had problems getting the robots through customs. So the league decided to set up an extra preparation day. The schedule looks like this, the first two test will be rescheduled for the WF Wolves and the robOtto team, because there robots did not arrive in time.

Monday – 20th:

10:00 Basic Navigation Test (04:00 in Germany)
14:00 Basic Manipulation Test (08:00 in Germany)
17:00 Precision Placement Test (11:00 in Germany)

Tuesday – 21 th:

10:00 Basic Transportation Test (04:00 in Germany)
14:00 Conveyor Belt Test (08:00 in Germany)
17:00 Semi-Final (11:00 in Germany)

Wednesday – 22th:

10:00 Final (04:00 in Germany)