Results – Extended Transportation Test

Because we did not have a conveyor belt and parts of the rotating table are still lost in transport, we could not perform the CBT. The league decided to perform a new Test. The Extended Transportation Task, was to transport 9 objects. Thus the time was a problem for many teams. We were able to perform 9 transportations, but one was detected wrong. So we did not perform a perfect execution. The Team Robo-Erectus miss-grasped one and skipped one. The b-it-bots are still having problems with the vision, resulting in some missed objects. KeJia, WF Wolves and robOTTO had some problems and were not able to collect many points.

1) LUHbots 1920
2) Robo-Erectus 1785
3) b-it-bots 1020
4) WF Wolves 375
5) Kejian Worker 225
6) robOTTO 0

In two hours the semi-Final will start, this will combine precision placement with manipulation and navigation.

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