SiegerFoto LUHbots RC2015

We won, with just a few problems in the final we managed to score more points then any other team in the final test. We won the RoboCup@Work 2015 World Championship! This underlines the good performance this season. The b-it-bots and Robo-Erectus showed a very good performance in the final run, and came in second and third:
The WF Wolves and robOTTO still had problems due to a very short preparation time but increased in overall performance! The newest Team KeJia Worker showed a lot of progress over the entire competition.

Scores in Final:

1) LUHbots 1840
2) b-it-bots 1615
3) Robo-Erectus 825
4) KeJia Worker 600
5) WF Wolves 525
6) robOTTO 375

The overall scores:

1) LUHbots 8465
2) Robo-Erectus 6165
3) b-it-bots 4905
4) KeJia Worker 2570
5) WF Wolves 1890
6) robOTTO 1130

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