Iran Open 2017

The Iran Open 2017 just ended and we are proud to have reached the second place.

All in all six teams took part in the competition which involved 3 rounds. The two teams with the least points in each round were knocked out of the competition. Our team reached the final round and managed to earn an excellent second place. Our congratulations go to the team Team ACE IAUK of the Islamic Azad University who took victory.

Special thanks go to Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee and Qazvin Azad University (QAU) for inviting us to participate at the IranOpen. We had such a great time in Teheran and we are thankful for the opportunity to meet such amazing people.

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Yesterday our team members travel to Teheran. We’re looking forward to an exciting competition and keeping our fingers crossed for all teams.


Season 2017

At the recent Hannover Messe, our robot had a great performance.

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It was a successful working weekend.

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Preparations have been completed… that is the time to start our weekend session! 🙂


Season 2017 has started with new team members. 🙂

05-07.04 Iran Open
05-07.05 German Open
25-30.07 RoboCup@work


The RobotChallenge for WS 16/17 is over. Let’s be honest, it was a nail-biter. Both teams did a phenomenal job. We hope for an equally thrilling contest next year.

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News 2016

We are grateful for the chance to participate as part of 50 students in the Audi driving experience. Our special thanks goes to ITK for this enjoyable event and Prof. Ortmaier for the proposal of our team at the ITK Student Award.
It was an awesome experience.

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Auch unsere Jüngsten haben Spaß mit dem youbot ….und wir selbstverständlich auch bei
“Die Nacht die Wissen schafft” am 12.11.2016 🙂

2016-11-12 20161112_184046
2016-11-12 201vv6-11-12

For glory and to seek out motivated new minds, we presented our youbot and the Team at “Day of Mechanical Engineering” in the university’s main hall on October 25.

Es war ein schöner Stand am “Tag des Maschinenbaus” im Lichthof. 🙂

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img-20161101-wa0016 img-20161101-wa0012


RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig

Special thanks to our sponsors, all the teams and the organisers of RoboCup@Work and to our team advisers for their generous support. Without you, RoboCup@Work would not be what it is today. It was a great week with all of you!! We look forward seeing you next year. Thanks a lot.


Despite all difficulties of the last days we were able to defend the title again.
What an exciting competition. 🙂

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RoboCup day 5
Difficulties with the BTT (Basic Transportation Test) and CBT (Conveyor Belt Test) let the other teams diminish our lead. So they are now dangeriously close behind us. We are about to have a spectacular final tomorrow. Grap your popcorn!

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RoboCup day 4
An especially challenging RoboCup day is over. After the troubles of todays matches the preparations for tomorrow are running. Good luck to all Teams. 🙂
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RoboCup day 3
Today all teams had to compete in the first 3 test runs. It was an exhausting yet exciting day.
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RoboCup day 2

This year 8 international teams compete in the RoboCup@work competition. We are in the hot preparation phase, giving our best to be as well prepared as possible for tomorrow. The tension is rising :).
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Just to give you an impression of the other RoboCup Leagues.

RoboCup day 1
We arrived in Leipzig and setting up our work station.
So excited for the next week 🙂

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