winter semester 2017

Today we want to say thank you to Torben Carstensen. For 4 years he has put his heart and soul into the LUHbots and guided them successful through the competitions. Now, at the end of his master’s studies he places the team in the hands of Leonard Eberding (many of you will know him already). We’re looking forward to the years to come under new guidance. Thank you very much Torben, we wish you the very best!


Today was our team kick-off for the upcoming season. We are truly amazed about the number of people showing interest in our team. It was an incredible evening!! Thanks to everyone who joined us today!

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Our team was part of the “roboterfabrik” opening event today. It was an amazing day. Thanks to all involved!!! We are thrilled to see robotics becoming more and more famous and are looking forward to seeing robotics taught at schools in cooperation with our university.

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Attention Everybody!!
As every year we’re searching for new team members. If you’re interested to join our team you’re very welcome to join us (only requirement: you study at the LUH). Just contact us by email or come to our open teammeetings every Tuesday at 4PM in the mobile robotics lab (“Labor für mobile Robotik”) in Appelstraße 11a.
Also, there will be a kick-off event on Tuesday, the 07th of November at 4PM in room A141, Appelstraße 11A for all of you interested in joining us. There, we (the old team members) will present our programs and the work done so far.
We’re looking forward to seeing YOU!!

…please tell everyone about it 😀


Today is an extraordinary teammeeting. We present the documentations of our packages and ROS-nodes and discuss the different possibilities to improve the real-time computations of our ROS-system.

Our youbot made it into the new advertisement video of the mechanical engineering faculty! We are very happy, that students of the LUH can not only accumulate knowledge in the field of robotics but can also work hands-on with robots in different sessions and offers from the university.

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