GermanOpen 2017

An exciting and chilling GermanOpen 2017 has ended. We are grateful to have been a part of it and to have had a chance to meet the other teams again. Especially our new members enjoyed the competition atmosphere and the exchange with the others teams.
We congratulate Team Autonohm from the University of Nürnberg for their outstanding performance and the 1st place. We also want to congratulate Team b-it-bots and Team robotto for the 2nd and 3rd place. We are humbled by our 4th place and recognize that it shows how strong the competition is this year and that they will punish every mistake we make. But we will work extra hard to show them at Robocup 2017 that we are still World Champions!

B_IMG_5773 B_IMG_5916
B_IMG_5905 B_IMG_5909
B_CIMG9616 B_P1040709

The second challenge day is over. Sadly, we haven’t been able to achieve as many points as we hoped to. Tomorrow we’ll have the chance to catch up to our opponents.

Sunday 07.05.2017 (live:

– 11:00 am – PP (Presition Placement Test)
– 02:30 pm – FINAL

CIMG9528 CIMG9531
CIMG9564 CIMG9576

The first competition day is over. At the moment we are at the fourth place. There are many challanges we have to tackle. Tomorrow we can score more points. See it live at

Saturday 06.05.2017
– 11:00 am – BTT2 (Basic Transportation Test 2)
– 02:00 pm – RTT (Rotating Table)
– 04:30 pm – BTT3 (Basic Transportation Test 3)

CIMG9472 CIMG9502
P1040741 P1040769

Preparations are done! Tomorrow the competition starts! It’s getting hot in here! See it live at

Thursday 05.05.2017
– 11:00 am – BNT (Basic Navigation Test)
– 02:00 pm – BMT (Basic Manipulation Test)
– 04:30 pm – BTT1 (Basic Transportation Test 1)

P1040720 P1040730 CIMG9417 CIMG9431

It is on! The preparation days have begun. Setting up everything! Nice meeting all the others again.

P1040715 P1040706
P1040710 P1040704
CIMG9338 P1040650

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