Iran Open 2017

The Iran Open 2017 just ended and we are proud to have reached the second place.

All in all six teams took part in the competition which involved 3 rounds. The two teams with the least points in each round were knocked out of the competition. Our team reached the final round and managed to earn an excellent second place. Our congratulations go to the team Team ACE IAUK of the Islamic Azad University who took victory.

Special thanks go to Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee and Qazvin Azad University (QAU) for inviting us to participate at the IranOpen. We had such a great time in Teheran and we are thankful for the opportunity to meet such amazing people.

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bild11 bild1
bild8 bild10
bild5 bild4

Yesterday our team members travel to Teheran. We’re looking forward to an exciting competition and keeping our fingers crossed for all teams.


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