Preparing for RoboCup2017

It’s happening!! The last tests are done and the equipment is safely stored for the journey to Japan. The last couple of days were quite exhausting but now we’re well prepared for the Robocup in Japan. We’re super excited to meet the other teams from around the world and our motivation for this cup is as high as ever!
Here you can see some clips of our solutions for the Rotating Table Test and the Precision Placement Test.

After finishing up with the last changes to the gripper we now started testing in a proper siced arena. Here you can see a clip of the basic transportation test 1.
There is still a lot to do and optimize until Japan. Have a great week everyone!

Hey guys, it’s almost time for the next big challenge!! In about a month we’ll head out to Japan.
Are you as thrilled as we are?

Now it’s time for the last changes to the youbot so we can start testing in the next couple of days.


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