RoboCup 2017 – Japan

What a surprise! The last suitcase finally arrived at our doorstep! The robot arm had a little vacation on Rügen and only now found its way back into our lab, about a month after our journey to Japan.

The RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan is over!! We were able to secure the third place this year. Congratulations to the winning team AutonOHM and to team robOTTO for the second place! We would like to thank the organization of the RoboCup@work league for a great cup and the other teams for the exceptional friendly atmosphere.


The third competition day is over. Though the precision placement test usually counts to one of our strengths, we could not achieve any points for it today. Luckily we had a perfect BTT2 run, where we could show that our systems work very well together, if we don’t suffer any hardware related problems. We are the only team that achieved a perfect run in a transportation test in this competition and we are very happy about it. In the BTT3 we had to restart our run due to a lost object, since we otherwise would have faced a disqualification from the test. The remaining time did not suffice to gain a lot of points.

In total we accumulated 1454 points for our team today. Currently that puts us in third place.

Attached we show you todays BTT2 run. Tomorrow will be the grand final test at 1:30 pm (6:30 am UTC+1). As usual you can follow us live on twitch at . Come and cheer for us. 🙂

The second Competition Day is finally over. The day was dominated by an accident and hours of nerve-wracking repairs. During the first run of the day (BTT1) a camera crash stopped the robot in its’ track, leaving us with only 50 points for the whole run. Even worse, while testing to find the cause of the crash, the robot started moving uncontrollably and broke off camera and gripper by colliding with the arena. With both camera and gripper broken, we had no choice but to mount out replacements, which included a different and hopefully more stable camera. The new camera position is attached at a different position, therefore, all vision related modules had to be recalibrated. The next hours were spent integrating and testing the new parts. We knew that we would not be finished until the second run (BTT2), the league allowed us to postpone the run until tomorrow, giving us more time to prepare. Therefore, we shifted our attention to test the upcoming run (RTT) as much as we could. But as all our testing was done on the old camera we had to recalibrate the system on the fly in the last minutes before the competition. Sadly the conditions during the actual run were not like we expected, and the robot was not able to grasp the objects with the limited recalibration.
In conclusion, we hope that tomorrow will be free of new accidents and that our ongoing testing and calibration will enable us to recover and defend our third place in the competition.

Tomorrow it continues with PPT and BTT2/3
10:30 am (03:30 am UTC+1) → PPT (Precision Placement Test)
03:00 pm (08:00 am UTC+1) → BTT2 & BTT3 (Basic Transportation Test)

bild3 bild4
bild2 bild1

The first competition day is over!

Unfortunately, the camera crashed during the Basic Navigation Test, result is only 200 of 500 points. At the Basic Manipulation Test we were able to shine with a perfect run and a time bonus of 45 seconds (see the video). Until now we take the second place behind team AutonOHM.

It stays exciting!!!

Tomorrow it continues with BTT1, BTT2 and RTT.
10:30 am (03:30 am UTC+1) → BTT1 (Basic Transportation Test 1)
03:00 pm (08:00 am UTC+1) → BTT2 (Basic Transportation Test 2)
07:00 pm (12:00 am UTC+1) → RTT (Rotating Table Test)

The time is come!!! Today‘s the first day of the official competition.

10:30 am (03:30 am UTC+1) → BNT (Basic Navigation Test)
03:00 pm (08:00 am UTC+1) → BMT (Basic Manipulation Test)

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