RoboCup 2017 – Setup

We’re in the middle of our preparations, so far it’s looking good. 🙂

Thanks to Andrej, a lot of glue, and a bit of luck we were able to make the bot operational again. The arena is standing and already mapped and the first tests of BNT and BMT are already done. Of course there are still hurdles to overcome but we will give our best.

klein3 klein2
klein1 klein6
klein5 klein4

Successfully reached the exibition area of RoboCup 2017. But, the shock!!! OUR GRIPPER AND MOUNT BRACKET OF THE CAMERA ARE BROKEN. Now we have to improvise and use our best reparing skills.

Hope for the best and wish us luck. We will update you.

klein_2png DSC_0155_klein.JPG
IMG_20170725_102454 20170725_101913(0)

After a long journey we arrived well in Nagoya, Japan. We already had the opportunity to gain a first impression of the city. Now we’re looking forward with eager anticipation to the start of the Robocup!
Manny greetings from all of us here in Japan!

20157945_1625883417482965_3940561732760537430_o Nagoya_1
Nagoya_5 Nagoya_3
Nagoya_2 Nagoya_4

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